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How many square feet (sq ft.) does a Ton cover?

The coverage of a Ton varies based on the desired depth, type of gravel, as well as the size of gravel, and the grade/slope of pre-existing soil/ground. The common depth is 2" (inches) for most aggregates/landscape gravel under 1-1/2" size gradation. Below the estimated coverage that 1 Ton would cover for MOST aggregates/landscape gravel:


1" depth = approx. 240 sq ft

2" depth = approx. 120 sq ft

3" depth = approx. 80 sq ft

4" depth = approx. 60 sq ft

6" depth = approx. 40 sq ft

12" depth = approx. 20 sq ft 


Please do not hesiate to contact any our locations for assistance.   

Does someone need to be home at the time of delivery?



JPR Decorative Gravel, Inc. requires someone over the age of 18 to be at the property/residence at the time of delivery. This individual will be responsible to direct the delivery driver to the desired material drop off location. If the desired drop off location is anywhere other than roadside or in the street, a Release of Liability Waiver will be required to be signed prior to drop off. JPR Decorative Gravel, Inc. assumes no liability nor responsibility for cracked, damaged, or broken concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, curbs, bumpers, planters, gutters, and/or etc. when entering the property/residence. 

How many tons can a truck haul?

A commercial tandem dump truck, which is used for residential deliveries, can haul up to 13 tons.

[ALL residential deliveries have a 3 ton minimum / 13 ton maximum] 


A Passenger truck can typically hold 3/4 ton to 1 ton comfortably (Ford F150, Dodge Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, etc)

Smaller passenger trucks can hold approx. 1/2 to 3/4 ton (Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, etc). 


***Please be advised at when loading aggregates/landscape gravel into your personal vehicle you are loading at your own risk. JPR Decorative Gravel, Inc. is not responsible for property damage that may occur during during the loading process.   

Redi-Mix Concrete Cart: How many square feet will 1 yard of concrete cover?

For a 4" slump 1 yard will cover 80 square feet. 


Just Pick-It-Up Redi-Mix concrete carts are available in 1/4 yard increments, a max of 1-1/2 yards (JPR Rio Rancho) and max of 2 yards (JPR Midtown).  


Please contact JPR Rio Rancho or JPR Midtown for cart availablity. 

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